Day 19

I love organization. There are so many simple little things you can do to stay organized and I love all of them. I wish I could be as organized as some people I see, but as with most things, I am a work in progress. I cannot stand losing things. I am pretty good at knowing where most things that I own are kept. I think it is important for everything to have a home. That way when things need to be put away, there is a place for them to go. One other thing I really can’t stand is when you try to reach for one thing and 30 other things fall, or you have to dig around so far that by the time you get what you wanted you have taken everything out of the cabinet to get the one little thing that happened to fall way in the back. Today’s project doesn’t quite address all of these problems, but it is a step in the right direction. I have lived on my own for a lot of years now, and I have never quite had a good solution for where to keep packets of things in the pantry. I am talking about salad dressing mixes, marinade mixes, taco seasoning mix, etc. At one point I had a bowl that I kept random small things in. Then I tried a zip-lock baggie. My current method is a little small Christmas bag that you might use for a gift card. That has worked pretty well except that you can’t stack things on top of it, and it has been known to fall over. Also, it is not very attractive.

I found this idea to take a shower caddy and attach it to the wall. It says to use Velcro dots, but I decided to use picture hangers instead. Maybe Velcro dots would have been a better idea. The picture hangers work fine, but it is not very secure. If we ever get another earthquake like we did last year, I bet this would be the first thing to go. I had to (ok, I had my favorite husband/Pinterest Assistant do it) bend the hooks so they come out straight so it better fits against the wall. I will probably be on the look-out for some other type of adhesive. I have tried Command Strips on the paint inside this cabinet before, but everything seems to fall with them. They used to work really well, and then I painted the inside of my pantry this beautiful blue, and now nothing sticks. It is worth the trade-off though because I love opening the door and seeing a splash of color that I would never ordinarily have in my house. This little caddy is the perfect addition. I may need to get another one for Kool-aid and other small packets of drinks.


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