Day 17

I had a great plan this morning for today’s Pinterest project. I was going to make these decorative bobby pins at work. It was Back to School Night, so I planned on staying at work until 6:30 when Back to School Night started. I had some sequins at work that I thought would make a cute accessory to the bobby pins. On the way to work, I realized that I had left my bobby pins and glue gun at home. That was my first problem. Then, when I got to work, I pulled out my bag of sequins. They are completely not the kind of thing that I would want to have on a hair accessory. Maybe I would have wanted it if I was 7, but at 29 my age, I didn’t think I could pull it off. So, when I got home at 8:15 tonight, I pulled out my bobby pins, and some old beads I have had for years and started gluing. Another flaw in my plan was realized as I started testing out how they looked in my hair. I basically have no idea how decorative bobby pins are used successfully. I tried to Google “decorative bobby pins” and “hair with decorative bobby pins,” but all that came up were pictures of decorative bobby pins. Not people wearing decorative bobby pins in their hair. The few pictures I found were major up-dos with bobby pins sprinkled throughout. I’m not really the major-up-do-on-an-everyday-school-day kind of a girl. I am willing to test these out one day and see how people feel about them. Maybe tomorrow will be that day. We’ll see what the morning brings.

Total Cost:



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