Day 16

Tonight 365 Days of Pinterest brings you Easy Garlic Chicken. Anything that says “Easy” in the title, I am willing to try. This recipe calls for 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts, but since there are only 2 of us, I only made 2. That means I had to cut everything else in half. I like to pretend like I am on cooking shows when I am dispensing my EVOO so I always estimate just like Rachael Ray. That leads me to estimating other things, like tonight it was the brown sugar. Who really knows if I added the appropriate amount. It pretty much seemed like I did. It turns out that this recipe is actually as easy as its name suggests. I had to do some quick sautee-ing, which involved needing to squeeze some garlic through my garlic press. That was the hardest part. I am really weak. I am pretty sure I got enough in there. It smells like a garlic patch in my kitchen. (Is there such thing as a garlic patch?)

Here is the finished product:

It was good. Not earth-shattering-you-must-make-this-tomorrow-good. Just good. It had a bit of an Asian feel to it. We are not the biggest Asian food people, but it was still good. It was surprisingly not overly garlic-y. Just right, I would say. You should definitely try this one and decide for yourself. It was super quick too. I got home at 5:45(ish) and started cooking. Now it is 6:48 and I am done with dinner. Wahoo!

Total Cost:

Chicken: $8.50 for 4, but they were BOGO, so Really $4.25. Divided by 2 because I only made 2 = $2.13

I had all of the other ingredients on hand already so we won’t really count them in.

$2.13…not too shabby (ok, and also $0.99 for the Steamfresh Mixed Veggies…they are SOO good)

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