Day 15

After a busy weekend, I had a day of relaxation today. I thought I would have all kinds of time to make all sorts of fancy Pinterest projects that I have been wanting to do. Unfortunately, I had to go grocery shopping, which took a big part of my day (I am a major planner for my grocery trips which includes poring over ads and printing coupons and such…that took most of my morning). When I got home, I was starving, so I fixed dinner around 4. Then we went to visit the niece and nephew, and then around 8 we got home. By the time I got all set up, it was almost 9:00.

Tonight’s project is a reusable snack baggie. The website offers making a sandwich bag or a snack bag by using a plastic ziplock bag as the lining so it is washable. I was worried about the cover of it getting all dirty and not being able to be easily washed. That is why I decided to make it all out of fabric so it can just be thrown in the washer. It is the kind of thing that I recommend having a few of around the house so you can wash it out as needed. Maybe it won’t need it every day. I am not sure. I am kind of weird about wanting to leave crumbly food in a baggie, even shaking it out might not be enough for me. I am thinking I need a couple of these.

My biggest problem with the one I made is that it is quite small. I followed the measurement guidelines that the tutorial said, but I feel like any others I make will need to be bigger.


Total Cost:

I bought 2 yards of fabric and my total bill was $3.59 It seems like I could make about 8 from the fabric I have, so let’s call it



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