Day 14

This has been one busy weekend. Caving…mountain biking…movie watching…
Today we were going to hike up Seneca Rocks. I have done this 2 times before and I really enjoyed it. When we woke up this morning it was raining, so we took our time getting moving, hoping the rain would move past. While we were waiting for the rain to pass, I found this rainy day activity. We built crayon towers. I thought this would make for a fun little competition. Unfortunately everyone just looked at me like a weirdo. I am noticing a theme here with this Pinterest blog.
Tori was the only one who half-heartedly attempted a crayon tower. She made it about 15 levels when she “accidentally” bumped hers and it toppled. Mine was much more structurally sound and it only fell when one crayon on my 23rd level kept rolling and when I tried to catch it, I knocked the whole thing over.
This is definitely a rainy day activity I would try with my fabulously fun niece and nephew. They are way more interested in crayon fun than my friends.


We never made it to Seneca Rocks. 😦
Maybe next time!

Total cost


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