Day 13

Sugar + brown sugar + butter + corn syrup + sweetened condensed milk = delicious. Today that combination made delicious caramels.

I literally put all of this in a bowl and microwaved it. That is all. It couldn’t be easier. It said to let it cool, so I left it sitting on the counter, but we were in a hurry to try it, and it was taking quite a while to get hardened. I put it in the refrigerator and then we went mountain biking and out for dinner and were gone for 3-4 hours. When we came back we had a big caramel rock. I was going to be nice and cut them up for everyone, but after chiseling away to get 1 piece, I was exhausted and said it was everyone was on their own if they wanted one. They are quite tasty, but I would not recommend refrigerating.

On an unrelated note, today was quite a jam-packed day full of fun adventures. We went caving this morning. There are not many more adventurous things that I have done in my life than crawl on my hands and knees into a hole in the side of the mountain. Later in the day we went mountain biking to see a beautiful waterfall and out to dinner for pizza. Thankfully, the rain held off until our ride home tonight.


Wearing our fancy caving suits.
Total Cost:

$1.50-ish for the sweetened condensed milk. I had everything else already.



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