Day 12

Day 12

We had the pleasure of making a road trip out to West Virginia today to visit the camp where my friend is the director. It is a high adventure camp, where things like caving and climbing and canoeing are done. As I sit here and type this, we are sitting outside of the locked cabin waiting for said friend to arrive. It has been 1 hour.


We rode with our friends, Jenny and Dan. We met them at the Charles Town, WV Wal-Mart to travel the rest of the way together. If you ever wondered where the photos on people of Wal-mart come from, it is here. And all we did was drive around the parking lot.

As soon as we got on the way, I relieved everyone’s boredom with a delightful game of travel bingo. I picked one that had only road signs, which seemed to me would be the easiest to complete. It turns out that it was quite a long game. All I needed was a railroad crossing sign to win, and being that I have made this trip 2 other times (2 more times than anyone else in the car), I knew a railroad was coming up. I got into telling a story and all of the sudden Dan yells out RAILROAD SIGN! BINGO!


I lost.


Now we are sitting here and today is quickly dwindling away. It is 11:29. I have no internet access, even though there is a perfectly working internet connection that I just don’t have the password to. Just like there is a perfectly cozy lodge that I don’t have the key to. Lucky for us, I was watching Arrested Development Season 2 the other day and never took it out of my computer. We have 86% of battery power left on the computer. That should keep us going for a while…


I sure love the outdoors :o/

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