Day 11

In keeping with “Mostly Free Pinterest Week,” I decided that I needed to do some house cleaning tonight. I am not going to be home all weekend, and I definitely did not want to come back to a messy house. I found this “Clean Your House in 15 Minutes A Day” page, and I thought, well, since I set aside tonight to clean, if I do all of the days of the week, that should be a totally clean house in less than 2 hours. Awesome! I started on Thursday because, well, today is Thursday. It said to clean the front bathroom. I set the timer for 15 minutes, and in just 9 minutes, it was clean-floors and everything. Probably not the most clean ever, but clean enough that if you came over I wouldn’t be embarrassed. I used the extra 6 minutes to get my kitchen started. That place was a bit of a disaster so I figured it could use a little extra TLC. Then I got the laundry started, but I didn’t want to waste a lot of time, so I was sort of moving with a little bit of speed throughout the house. I suppose I was speed cleaning the bathroom too, because Chris saw me getting things done and he said “Why exactly are you running around here like a crazy person?” Oh Pinterest!

Then came the kitchen. I set the timer for 20 minutes and got started on the dishes. I am thinking that the “Clean Your House in 15 Minutes A Day” lady has a dishwasher. I do not. I spent the first 20 minutes washing dishes…and a good part of the second 20 minutes. I was finished all of the cleaning slightly after the third 20 minutes. I wanted to do a decent job of this because kitchens can get icky and need more work than the rarely-used bathroom that I just cleaned last weekend.

The website says to take the weekends off, and since I am going through my week of cleaning, that would mean Monday comes next. That is vacuum your entire house day. Fortunately Unfortunately, the Ravens game is on tonight, and I would probably get thrown out if I tried vacuuming, so I will just resume this little cleaning regimen when I come back from West Virginia on Sunday. Ok, let’s be real. I will probably resume it on Monday. Ok, let’s be actually real. I probably won’t.

Today’s Cost



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