Day 9

Pinterest Success! After yesterday’s disaster, there was nowhere to go but up. Today I made this Weight Watchers Chicken for dinner. The recipe called for Italian breadcrumbs. I had plain breadcrumbs and I added oregano and basil. The recipe called for parmesan cheese. I had mozzarella. Other than that, I pretty much followed the recipe. It was tasty. I would definitely make this again. It could use a little salt, but I suppose that is why it is Weight Watchers. I had broccoli and applesauce with it. This was our second real-life actual meal in a row. We are usually really good about having healthy dinners, but we have gotten really busy and it has been a while. The routine of school should help that get back to normal.


Total Cost:

Let’s call it $0. I had all of the things in my house already. There’s hardly any way for me to price this out. It can’t be much anyway.

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