Day 8

Pinterest Fail! Today’s activity was not a keeper. I decided to try Plastic Wrap Marble Nails in conjunction with using cold water to completely dry your nails (in just 3 minutes!). Well don’t waste your life.

First I painted my nails with a dark steely silver (Revlon “Steel Her Heart”) and to dry them, I put them in cold water for 3 minutes each. I didn’t time it, but I think it was probably longer than 3 minutes. Plus the time that each hand was out of the water while the other one was in.

Then I painted a lighter silver (Revlon “Silver Screen”) over top and immediately blotted with plastic wrap.

This messy grossness is what happened next:



I am willing to admit that perhaps if my nails were dried more completely when I applied the second silver coat, maybe the results would have been different. In my defense though, the Pinterest post says it will dry it completely if you soak it in water. I just went back to it to double check, and I clicked on the link to take me to where it is posted originally. Pinterest has blocked that website for inappropriate content. Maybe because IT IS ALL A LIE! I have even started to only pin things when I have been sure they are connected to an actual tutorial or website or something that looks somewhat credible. I guess this one slipped through the cracks. I have often been thinking that someone could just create a remedy that is 100% made up, just to see how many people on Pinterest try it. “Putting maple leaves in your water gets rid of a headache in 24 seconds” “Eating 43 skittles every day has been proven to reduce your risk of heart disease” I mean, it seems pretty simple to dupe people through Pinterest. We are all so excited to see all these new things we’ve never thought of before that we forget to think realistically.  Not anymore people…not anymore. (Ok, I can’t actually promise this…I still have 357 days of this to go. It is very probable that this could happen again).


Total Cost:

$0 (Thank goodness!)

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