Day 6

Today’s post is not meant to be a disappointment. I never intended on making a craft or project for all 365 days. With school starting, the first 5 days included a lot of crafty activities, which is unrealistic for every day of the week. I mean, I do have other things to do with my life. Such as jousting. Today was my second-ever joust, and while I probably placed 24 out of 30, I still caught 5 out of 9 rings, which isn’t so bad (for me). It turned out to be a lot longer than we thought since we had a very long rain delay in the middle. I finally made it home, and I decided that I would much rather save a creative project for another day.

Today I chose a cleaning project. The title of the post was 10 Household Items You Can Clean in 1 Minute. I have the energy for 1 minute of something, but not much more than that. I chose to clean my remotes. I made a solution of equal parts of alcohol and water and wiped those dirty things down. I used a q-tip to get in between the buttons and a toothpick to get down the sides. I have to say, that while I have cleaned these before, I have never used alcohol. Based on the amount of grime that I just cleaned off, I will be adding this quick cleaning project to my routine. Eew. It is easy to forget that they are there.

I was thinking that I should’ve timed this, but I didn’t. It probably took more than 1 minute, but not much more. Maybe 5. Chris was watching the Oriole’s game and I just casually took the remote from beside him. He thought I was going to just change the channel on him, but when I took it into the kitchen, he thought I was going to wash dishes while I watched TV. Then when I didn’t change the channel, he said (in a very skeptical, accusatory tone…) “What in the WORLD are you doing!?!”

I am happy to say that the cost for this project is:


(that is my favorite price)

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