Day 5

After yesterday’s marathon of Pinteresting, today is going to seem a little bit disappointing. I had a crazy day of getting ready for kids and I decided not to do the one project I was planning to do, so I was at a loss. As I was tidying up my desk, I found all these papers that I had been meaning to put into the cute binder I got from Target. Then I remembered why I bought that binder in the first place. I saw this binder on PINTEREST. Perfect. Now I had a project for the day.


It is a little blurry. Sorry.

The dividers I bought for this project come with a type of paper that I can’t erase, and since I am not good with commitment, I am afraid to write on them before I am sure of exactly what I want. Right now I am toying with the ideas of testing, student info, schedules, PGP (professional growth plan), and miscellaneous. I have put papers in as if the dividers are labeled, but I am afraid I will change my mind once I get another type of paper that seems like it should have its own category. The dividers I bought have neat little pockets on them, kind of like a pocket folder, except they are clear plastic, so right now it is holding the note sheet where I wrote my tentative ideas. Very handy.

I am excited about this addition to my organization. Sometimes I can be a paper-piler when I don’t know what to do with things that I know are important. I might not have a home for something, but I know I should keep it. Now that my desk is in the center of the room and it is a shared room where other people will be seeing my junk, I need to try my hardest to keep my piles under control. This binder should be the key to my paper-piling habit. (I hope).


Total cost: $4


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