Day 4

Today was a big Pinterest day. I did 3 activities today. That’s right. Three. It’s not that I am trying to go overboard, but there were a lot of good ideas and I am running out of time before school starts, so I needed to do them.

The first thing I did was the apple project. I think it is so important for parents to realize their role in their child’s life. Sometimes it is easy for parents to think that the most important learning happens at school, but it truly has to be a team effort. I loved these apples and I wanted to get them to as many parents as possible. I am going to give them out at the Meet the Teacher time tomorrow afternoon, and then any leftovers will be given out to parents on Back to School Night (I hope they last until then). Here are the ones I made:

Pinterest project number two for the day is a little gift for the kiddos. I put Lucky Charms in a baggie and stapled a note that said “We are so Lucky to have you in our class.” It is kind of silly and totally unnecessary, but I think it will really set the tone for the class. We are glad they are there and we want them to feel comfortable and welcome. Maybe this little snack can be a reminder. Also maybe some of them will scarf it down without reading the note. Probably more of the second one, but it is worth a shot.



Project number three was actually the first one I did today because I was so excited. I decorated my desk. All night last night, I was planning on using a blue sparkly border that I already had, but when I got there today, I really felt that that just wouldn’t do. I didn’t have a pretty black and white border, so I laminated scrapbook paper and cut them into 2 inch wide strips and taped them as a border. Unless you look closely, you can not really see that they are small pieces put together. This is my favorite project in the history of my blog.


Today’s Cost:

I prefer not to think about today’s cost thank you very much. But in the interest of full disclosure:

Lucky Charms Baggies: $4

Apples: $5

Desk: $5 (fabric is way more expensive than you might realize)


Grand Total: $14


I am thinking that next week will be mostly free Pinterest projects week.

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