Day 2

Today I was more successful in my Pinterest endeavor than I was yesterday. We needed a curtain for our classroom window, so I bought a shower curtain at Dollar General yesterday to make this Pinterest project. Who would’ve thought that Dollar General would have come through and had something that was actually pretty.


The picture was really hard to take because the light is shining through the window. The shower curtain is a light turquoise color and we have used ribbons in alternating purple, pink and blue to tie it to the tension rod. It barely covers our window, and sadly, I do not think that there were two of these shower curtains at the store when I went. They had some white ones, so I was thinking I could cut a white one in half and finish the edge on the sewing machine and then put each half of the white on either side of the turquoise.


On a side note, yesterday I meant to start a list of the cost of these projects to convince myself that this blog idea will not cost a fortune. I hope that this proves to be true, but I am not very convinced.

Day 1: < $1

Day 2: $10 (potentially more if I have to buy another shower curtain)


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