On the first day of Pinterest…

It is no mistake that the beginning of the school year and the beginning of 365 Days of Pinterest are happening at the same time. I have more pins to my Classroom Creativity board than any other board on my Pinterest page. Last night I mapped out my week of pins to give myself a starting point. As I was aimlessly wandering my classroom today, trying to figure out where to put things, I got the idea to use the cereal box paper holders I had pinned as a place for the students to turn in their work. Each box would be for a different subject. Since my desk is in a prime location in the classroom, I was going to affix the boxes to the front of it as a functional decoration.  Reading, Math, Science/SS, Writing. Perfect. I had 4 cereal boxes.

ImageJolie wanted to make an appearance here 🙂


It also happens that today is my little nephew’s third birthday, which meant I didn’t have my whole night to play with my ideas. Life is getting in the way of my plans already and it is only day 1! He is way more important though, so of course, I put my plans on hold. I had a few minutes before we left to get it started. Two of my boxes were almost the same height. I was able to cut the box-top off to earn 10 cents for my school and then they were about the same. I cut the front off so the papers would be easier to get in and out, and played around with wrapping it like a regular box. It was kind of disastrous, but I was in a hurry to go celebrate a birthday, so I figured I would get it all sorted when I got home.

Wrapping a cereal box that is cut out is not nearly as easy as it may look. The paper got very wrinkled. There is no good place for seams, and it just looks very rough. I made this one and decided I do not want something this ugly to adorn the front of my desk, proclaiming to 39 fifth graders that their teacher stinks at making cereal box paper holders.



I think I am going to try to Mod Podge it and see if it makes things more smooth. If so, then I might go ahead with the original plan. Otherwise I am sure there is some other brilliant way to have students turn in their papers (perhaps the way I have done it for the past 8 years…).


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