Something new and different

Sadly, Aunt Katie and Alyssa’s Summer of Fun has come to an end. School is starting up again, and as if I have nothing better to do, I have developed a new blog topic for the next 365 days. Welcome to the new:

365 Days of Pinterest

I have developed a stupid brilliant idea to force me into trying the amazing ideas I have found on Pinterest. Every day I will be trying at least 1 new idea that I have pinned. I figure I should lay down some ground rules first to force myself into conformity so I don’t cheat.

  1. It has to be an idea I have found on Pinterest. (Seems silly to say that but it is the basis of my whole plan)
  2. Some projects are going to take more than 1 day to complete, so I will post about it on the day it is finished.
  3. I have not done a stockpile of activities this summer just to post one for each day. I will genuinely be doing an activity each day. If for some reason I am not able to post a blog entry everyday, you are just going to have to trust me that when I am able to post, it will have been done on the day I said it was. I do not intend on this happening, but 365 days is a long time and there just may be a day or two in there where I don’t have internet access.

Be on the lookout tomorrow for my first day of Pinterest.


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