Why didn’t the rooster cross the road?

This week was more like Aunt Katie, Alyssa and Nick’s summer of fun. Daycare had the week off, so Monday and today I had both kiddos. It is very difficult to keep a three year old busy when all he wants to do is play on the iPad. Monday was kind of a boring day because all we really did was watch movies and play on the iPad. I only had them for a few hours though, so don’t judge me too much.

Today was full of excitement.

First we read a book.

Then we played with yarn. I connected a piece to a truck and Nick pulled it around the kitchen.

Then Alyssa wanted to make a phone, so I cut apart 2 water bottles and connected it with string.



Then when the excitement of that wore off, I decided to pull out some paint. (I love paint). I had them each choose 2 colors and I squirted some into a zip-lock bag and sealed it. They watched as the colors squished together while they rubbed it. Then they could draw things into it and erase it. Nick liked it best when I drew on his and then he erased it.



This led to painting on paper. Along with paintbrushes, I also cut a regular household sponge into strips and gave them each one to use too. They liked having options. Then Alyssa found this silly little paintbrush man that I got in a Kinder-egg from Germany (thanks to Dan and Jenny Fockel) so that was cute.


I felt like we had a full day of activities and I looked at the clock and it was only 9:15. My whole bag of tricks was used up in an hour and 15 minutes. We were in for a long day.


Some other things we did today included cutting up dog product catalogs and making collage books of cute dog pictures, and crocheting. Nick wasn’t so interested in crocheting, but Alyssa was, and Nick pretended that the circles I was making were hats and umbrellas.


(I apologize for these pictures being a bit blurry. I am not sure what that is all about)




He was chicken


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