What did the painter name his son?

Man I am terrible at executing this blogging thing. But now that I FINALLY have decent internet, I guess there is no excuse.

Let’s talk about our fun Thursday activity. We made bouncy balls with borax and Elmer’s glue.  Thanks Pinterest!

A while ago I had gotten a box of colored glue that an art teacher made. I am assuming she made it by putting paint into the glue to turn it colors. I thought this would be a brilliant idea to add rich color to the bouncy balls. Wrong. The first batch turned out to be a gooey mess. It never fully solidified like it needed to. When we stuck to regular glue, these fun little things worked out perfectly. They were really gooey at first:


But after a little rolling around, it turned into a perfect bouncy ball.


We created a game of trying to bounce it into the cup on the floor. Tricky, but it made for a fun time. My only tip with this would be to add more food coloring than you think you would need. You would think by my 3rd food coloring activity this summer, that I would have learned this by now. Maybe next time I will add more coloring than I think I need.

Friday we had a super busy day. This was the first full day of extraordinary internet service. We were all so excited that we spent a little bit of the morning on Barbie.com. Ok, Alyssa did that and I played around on Pinterest on my own computer. So sue me. I was excited to have flawless service.

Today was Easy Bake Oven trial day. I had gotten an Easy Bake Oven from a co-worker, and we have been eager to try it for quite some time. I found some easy bake recipes online, and we got busy. Problem was that I wasn’t quite sure how it worked. Enter GOOD INTERNET! I could actually download a PDF file. I found the directions for the oven online and we were in business. While I was figuring all of this out, I decided to get Alyssa started on a new project, Light Bright, because she was getting pretty bored of “helping” me look up how to work the Easy bake oven.

Last summer I found the Light Bright at a yard sale for $2. She LOVED it. We put the Easy Bake Oven project on the back burner while she finished her Light Bright picture. When I say she loved it, I mean I probably could have saved a pretty penny on her birthday present and just given her this. (Mental note for next year…)

Here is her exquisite pegged masterpiece:


And this is it in the darkness of the bathroom (Where it may or may not still be 5 days later):


She had fun with the Easy Bake oven too, but it seemed a little dull compared to the amazing Light Bright. The “cake” that came out was really gross looking  lovely and she had fun decorating it. She thought it was the most delicious thing in the world. I did not share those same feelings. I think I will stick with Betty Crocker.


All of these fun events happened by 11:00 a.m. That is one busy girl!


We decided to spend our afternoon at the fair. It was a little rainy, but that kept the crowds away. I didn’t take many pictures, but here is a cute one:







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