What’s a blacksmith’s favorite type of music?

I had a week off, which has caused me a bit of delay in posting. Alyssa had Girl Scout Camp. To help curb her boredom yesterday, we played with baking soda and vinegar (or “viginer” if you are Alyssa). I put a baking dish of baking soda in front of her and we made a few containers of colored vinegar. Much like the problem with the finger paints, I did not put enough color into the vinegar at first. You should definitely put in a LOT of color. Way more than you think you need. Then I gave her a dropper and showed her how to use it. Image

I turned it into a real science lesson with a hypothesis and everything! She predicted it would turn watery when she used a dropper to put colored vinegar into the baking soda. She was so surprised to see that it bubbled. We talked about the whole hypothesis thing, but it is summer after all. Who wants to be bothered with too much learning?

It kept her interest for a really long time. She liked putting one color on top of another to see the reaction and the color difference. She asked if she could pour the whole cup of vinegar into the bowl. From there it kind of turned into a mess. But it was a really great science-y mess. She tried one thing after another, and eventually just stirred a bunch of things together and made what she said looked like baby food. That lead to a hilarious video that I will post later.

She and Uncle Chris played Temple Run on the iPad. This was her high score:Image

Today I watched Alyssa and Nick for a little while this morning. I had great plans to have a nature hunt outside and then to view what they found with a smart scope, which magnifies what you are looking at on the computer. Not quite as magnified as a microscope, but still pretty cool.

I didn’t want to be too gung-ho with the whole nature walk idea, so I let them come in and play for a bit. Then I said “Let’s go outside for a nature hunt!” I have done this with Alyssa before, where she goes around the yard and collects things like weeds and leaves and takes them home. Last year we glued our nature to paper. The possibilities are endless. Today was a flop. The second we went outside, Nick said, “I want to go inside! I don’t want to have a nature hunt!” When a 2 year old says what he wants, there’s not much getting around it. I managed to convince him to put a very pretty leaf into his bag. It lasted a minute, and then he turned his bag upside down and insisted we go inside. Alyssa was able to collect a few things while I was distracting Nick in any way I could imagine. We ended up bringing these catchy-throwy things inside to play so we could put an end to the whining.Image

Then we watched the Sword in the Stone and had lunch. Alyssa spent a good part of her time playing with stickers that you put in numeric order and they make a picture.


Maybe I should start changing this blog to Aunt Katie, Alyssa and Nick’s summer of fun!




Heavy Metal



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